Stanley Golf Club

Falkland Islands

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Stanley Golf Club


Committee Members 2013 - 2014 season.


Secretary ; Glenn Ross

House member ; Gordon Lennie

Green keeper ; Rodney Lee

Treasurer ;

Handicap Secretary ; Bob Gilbert

Junior Representative ; Kevin Clapp



Welcome to Stanley Golf Club, home of the Falkland Islands' only 18 hole golf course. The club's current incarnation was started in the early 1980's, although golf has been played here since at least the 1930's, as some of the older trophies in our cabinet will testify.

We enjoy an enthusiastic and varied membership, who compete most weekends throughout the summer months in locally sponsored events. As you would expect, the weather plays a big part in our game, so we all hope for calm conditions on competition days!

Visitors are always welcome, so come along and enjoy our course. Sunday mornings are usually competition days, but for the rest of the week the course is open to all.